Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Hello Everyone


Well I am trying my best to get my Blog Done
but at the moment I am in he middle of thinking what to put on it
so you will have come back when i find out how to do it LOL


Greta said...

That looks like a lovely pot of tea Kath. I'd like to share that with you.
Great start.
Greta x

Joanie said...

Hello Kath
Looking good, can't wait to see your new Teapot!lol

Well done so far, I will keep popping back.

Joanie xxxx

Jackie said...

spose you think you clever now !!! just cos you got a pretty tea pot piccy .... and I cant do it.. lol... well done on starting up your blog Kath, its looking good gal... Im sure you will soon find plenty to talk about, you never been short of anything to say when Ive met you(in the nicest possible way) LOL xx