Monday, 23 June 2008


Well what a Busy day I have had
last week I Had never made a Bookatrix
And In One week I have made 3 .
One you have seen and 2 that are nearly done
But I cant put the Names on Yet..
I Am Just Loving Doing the Bookatrix
I find them so easy to do Now
I hope you Like them

Our Connor

This is our Connor On His new Bike
That We Got Him ....
He Just Loves it,He Thinks He is a Big Boy Now
With A Big Boys Bike.

Good Morning Everyone

Good Morning All
Well Its Monday Again
I have Had another Busy Weekend,
Its My Baby`s Birthdat Today (( Some Baby ))
The Picture was on Saturday Night when we went out
for A Meal,
And Our Connor Sat Waiting For His Tea
Bless Him..

Then Connor Came Back to our House and stayed
here over Night He was so good, Put Him In Bed and he did not wake up till
9 in the Morning he slept all night...

Friday, 20 June 2008


Well Its Friday Night
hope all is well , I have had a really busy week.
and we have got a really busy weekend,
But most of all we have our Connor Over Night on Saturday
I am so looking Forward toi that

Thanks Greta

Well I did it Thanks to Greta
I got My Signature On My Blog

Thanks Greta for all your Help

Thursday, 19 June 2008

Afternoon All

Well Good Afternoon Everyone,

I spent all day Yesterday Making Boxes For My

First Bookatrix Card, And I will Say I am Loving doing them now.. Both The Boxes and the Bookatrix`s.

Monday, 16 June 2008

My Weekend Away

First Bookatrix Card

Me Phil,Cal & Brian

Been Away This Weekend At Our Special Friends

Cal & Brians.

Where I Made My First Bookatrix Card With The Help Off Cal, Thanks Cal You Was A Big Help.
We Had A Lovely weekend ...

Friday, 13 June 2008

Good Morning Friday The 13th

Well Good Morning Everyone.
and its Friday the 13th ..
Its Raning Here In Manchster Again ,
Well I had A Lovely day Yesterday Playing in
my hobby room making cards..
Its was Phil`s Birthday Yesterday.
When He Got up (( By the way He works Night`s ))
He Got Loads of cards and that ...He got a Text On His
Phone from our Grandson Connor Who is Only 2 and a half
how good is he texting at that age LOL,
Well It said
Happy Birthday to you
I went to the Zoo
i saw a big Monkey and thought It was You
Happy Birthday
Lots Of Love Connor x x x
Phil Was Made Up

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Hello Everyone


Well I am trying my best to get my Blog Done
but at the moment I am in he middle of thinking what to put on it
so you will have come back when i find out how to do it LOL