Thursday, 31 July 2008

Two New cards

I Have Been Very Busy Today
One Is For Our Les Who As Broke his Foot

And The 2nd Card is for a lady over the Rd who`s Aunty
Is 90 Next Week

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Made This For Cal

This Is The Card I Made A few Weeks Ago
For Cal For Her Birthday
Hope you like this Card

I Love doing The Envelope Cards

Made This Card This Morning

Another Birthday Card

This Is One I Made This Morning

My Hobby Room

Well I needed more space to work in
So Phil put Me some more work top in At the Bottom
near the Window He As Done A Brill Job Of It

The Thing Is Now I cant keep out of there
Because I am well set up now He popped His Head
In Last Night and said to me
Don't ware It Out LOL

Christmas Cards

Heres Some More Christmas Cards I Made

Just Love Doing These they are so easy to make

Thursday, 17 July 2008

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

A New Card

This Is A new Way To Make A Card
For Me

I Just Loved Doing This Sort Of card
I am Trying To Make New Cards now

Monday, 14 July 2008

MY First Christmas Card For This year

Well This Is
MY First Christmas Card For This year
With My New christmas Folder

My First Award

I have just won an award for the first time
From Joanie and Liz
Thank you so much To You Both

Our Connor Yesterday

This Was Our Connor Yesterday
At 2 an A half

This Was Our Connor
When He was 6 months Old

look at the difference In Him
in 2 years

Saturday, 12 July 2008


Well it was now Friday and it was raining most of the Day
But we did go out ,
we went to Ingleton Fall`s But It was to Wet to go walking up to the falls
So we looked round the Village..The River was Wild
Then we went to see The Settle To Carlisle Railway
Ribbles Head Viaduct That was such a lovely Sight in its self


Thursday was the day I was looking forward to
we went to Morecambe...For Our Fish & Chips From Our Fave Fish & Chip
Shop..AND Because the Last 2 years we have been Going To Morecambe
on a Sunday , And I Have seen 2 little Craft shops there But They do not open
on a Sunday.
So Yeah You got it I Had to go in ((( LOL )))
and yes I got some stuff it would off been rude not to.
It Was Such A Lovely day The Sun was out all day
And We Got To See The New Hotel Open
and it looks so Grand as well


Well Its Now Wednesday
So we when To the Bottom of Windermere
Got A Train and Boat Trip...
Goa A Train to Lakeside and got on the Boat
to Windermere Its Was Brill.
Had about 2 hours in Windermere So there was
Loads of Time to get A Few Cup`s of Tea In
We Really Both Had A Lovely Day one to Remember
And Never Seen Any Rain Till We Was On Our Way Back On the Boat
to pick up the Train..
Then We Went To Grange over Sands for Our Tea



Well This Is Our New Car And Caravan
Anyway After Setting The New caravan up
Tuesday we just had a nice Chill Out Day On the Caravan Site,
Then went and did a bit of shopping in Kendal

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Our Week In Kendal

Our Week In Kendal

Well It all started on Monday We Left Home
Going Up On The Motor Way We Went Under A Bridge With
Camera`s on it with a Police van at the side of the Road
Yes We Got Up The Rd The Next Thing We Got Pulled In to the Motorway
Service Phil Had To Get In To The Police car he was in there for 15 Min's
and i can tell you that was a long 15 Min's..
Any Way to cut a long story short the camera`s had shown that we did not
have any insurance on the Car.. How wrong was the police we only got our car the Tuesday b4 we went away , we had told our insure ace company but they had not put it on to there data base... But It Just shows You that if you do though Police Camera`s
with out Tax or Insureacne They will get you Any Way The Police Was Nice To Us and said they was sorry but they was only doing there Job and told us to have a nice Holiday...